Improving your checkout experience by auto-filling your customers address

Once a possible customer lands on your checkout page it is important to finalize the sale by delivering a fast, secure and reliable checkout process for your visitors. Over 28% of visitors will leave a checkout page if there are too many, non-required, fields to fill out. Using a Woocommerce Plugin like Address Autofill allows the user to enter in only their zip code and uses a power (and free) API to return back the city and state the buyer is located, removing two fields (and a pesky drop down menu) that your customers have to fill out. This can be especially important on mobile and tablet devices when typing can be difficult and prone to error. The Zip Code auto-fill functionality allows visitors to only type in their zip code and immediately applies the correct city and state into the billing fields, leaving only a couple additional fields to fill out, improving the quality and conversion of your checkout page.

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