WooCommerce Checkout Optimization

Creating a seamless buying experience for your visitors is important and probably most important when a visitors lands on your checkout page to finalize their order.

Your WooCommerce Checkout page should be optimized by following these 3 rules:

Limit unnecessary field

Make sure your checkout process is as streamlined as possible and offers a professional and secure overall layout. Buying online has a very standardized checkout process and swaying from that will scare the users away from finalizing their purchase.

Re-illustrate secure checkout

Make sure it is clear your checkout is secure. Re-illustrating a secure checkout process on the file stage will give the users an increased sense of trust when entering their credit card information to finalize the purchase.

Make completing and filling out the checkout form as simple and easy as possible

Leaving the least amount of fields for your visitor to have to fill out will only optimize the conversion on your checkout page, especially for mobile and tablet users where typing is more difficult and error-prone.

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