Frequently Asked Questions


Will this plugin work on my theme?

Yes, as long as you have Woocommerce installed this plugin will work seamlessly out of the box.

Does it cost anything to use the Zip Code autofill APIs?

Certain APIs have limit restrictions but all offer a certain threshold of free zip code look ups.

What APIs are supported?

USPS Location API Integration, SmartyStreets API Integration, Loqate API Address auto-complete Integration, Google Maps Zip Code API Integration

Does it support all US Zip Codes?

Yes, every US zip code is fully supported by this plugin and instantly autofills the City and State fields when 5 or more digits are entered into the Zip Code field on Checkout.

Does it support UK postal codes?

Not yet, but soon. Expected April 2019.

Does it work on all devices?

Yes, in fact this functionality benefits mobile and tablet users most where typing is more difficult and prone to error.